It is commonly known in Ethiopia that “Edir” is a cultural institution established by members for members in the form of a life insurance. Edir takes care of the lion’s share of the expenses during death of a member or its family. While alive, Edir creates the avenue through which members provide support and show cooperation to one another during the times of sickness and happiness. Usually, Edir is formed by residents of the same “Kebele”, an equivalent of residents of the same zip code, or bigger. In a way,  it’s very common to have more than one Edir within the same town. Following that same tradition and experience groups born from a certain specific area in Ethiopia and currently living out of their country of origin create their own version of ‘Edir’ for their use. Similarly, Gojam Mutaul Asssociation -Edir (Felege Ghion) was formed by sons and daughters born in Gojam, Ethiopia and currently residing in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland (DMV). Gojam Edir is legally registered in the state of Maryland as a non profit organization since the year 2015.

The association was established with the following primary objectives:

  • Provide material support for members and their families when departing by death  
  • Facilitate, participate in the process and attend funeral services if burial is here
  • Facilitate, participate in the process and attend farewell services if  the body needs to be shipped to immediate families back home
  • Comfort grieving family in a way that’s being practiced back home
  • Serve dinner and spent time with a family received a news of loss from back home
  • Create conditions to promote good friendship among members

In addition to the above proposes the association has set goals to better benefit members at various capacities over a long term bases.