About Us

We descendants of Gojam, Ethiopia origin living in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) are not exempted from joyful or sudden shocking and saddening incidents. We fulfill our plans and become successful in what we do. What we hoped for may come true. On the other hand, at times, the worst do also happen to us. It’s life ! We’ve little to none control over what should and shouldn’t occur naturally over our lives. 

The sudden death of our dearest friend back in 2015, who we used to call a sister, while living healthy in Tacoma Park, Maryland was one example of an unfortunate and intimidating accident. When our friend accidentally passed away, she didn’t have real close family to take care of her body. She was not prepared for it either. The responsibility of shipping the body to her families back home so they can organize a farewell to the norms and expectations was laid over the shoulder of a handful of her town men and women residing in the DMV. However, her town men and women were not able to afford the expenses. It was deeply saddening and very unfortunate to have themselves in that situation. In the end, they decided to go around and ask people they knew for help. They were lucky enough to collect as much money as needed.

That was an alarming circumstance for them. Therefore, they start considering about having an association to support each other in the times of loss. They agreed and decided to form their own mutual association also known as “Edir”, as it’s called back in Ethiopia. ‘Edir’ is a cultural association for members by members. The consensus led to the establishment of Gojam Mutual Association-Edir (Felege Ghion), Inc. The founding members of the “Edir” was made up of the following 8 (eight) individuals:

  1. Tesfahun Adugna Getu
  2. Bitew Workneh  Asres
  3. Alehegne Wube Tsegaye
  4. Abel Gashe
  5. Mulugojjam Negash Workneh
  6. Woyeneshet Kassa Tessema
  7. Addis Demessie Abate, and 
  8. Nigist Belayneh Bayable

In less than 3 (three) years since it was officially executed,  Gojam Edir now has over 120 active members. 

Download Our  Bylaws: